Atletico Madrid Now In La Liga Joint-Lead

Priya Khan - 26-01-2021

Atletico Madrid Now In La Liga Joint-LeadThey’re giving their tenacious and dogged pursuit of the coveted La Liga title a fresh and determined go, and Sunday’s 3-1 victory of Atletico Madrid over Valencia was proof again not only of their capabilities, but also of their commitment to La Liga glory.

Sunday had sports betting online enthusiasts on the edge of their seats as Valencia assumed an unexpected lead during the 11th minute as Serbian midfielder Uros Racic went in for the long-range strike. The 23rd minute would however bring about a shift in the balance as Joao Felix struck a miracle from a corner. This he followed up with a release of Luis Suarez to the counter-attack early during the second half. The latter sealed the deal by adding a goal to that of his teammate off the far post and from a precariously tight angle.

Moving Up The Points Ladder

The big strike meant that not only did Suarez get to celebrate his 34th birthday on Sunday, but that he also got bumped up into joint-leading position of La Liga’s goalscoring charts. The Uruguayan now shares this particular honour with Sevilla’s Youssef En-Nesyri. Suarez furthermore also struck both goals during Thursday’s win at Eibar, which included a win and earn of a last-minute penalty as the side moved in from the back-end.

Sunday’s performance now sees Atletico leading the points standings with 47 earned from a total of 18 games. This places them a cool 7 points ahead of rivals Real Madrid – as well as with a game in hand.

Valencia is left hovering at 14th position with 20 points. Those who enjoy sports betting in India will want to keep tabs on this position, as it could affect which they wager. The regular changes in La Liga standings are part of what makes sports betting online so much fun, and are yet another reason why soccer is such a popular sport.

Suarez The Perfect Striker

According to Joao Felix, it doesn’t get more perfect an experience than teaming up with and playing alongside a start striker such as Luis Suarez.

Felix also said that although Atletico had fallen behind on the points standings fairly early in the competition, they’re at the same time a team that will keep fighting relentlessly until the very last minute on the field.

The focus right now is on each individual game, said Felix, and on keeping on doing what remains to be done in order to make the gaining of ground from behind come full circle. The last thing on their minds is to be constantly looking at the scoreboard and the number of points, said Felix.

And as for Luis Suarez, he just keeps scoring and scoring. Not that anybody at Atletico is complaining.

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