Deltin Caravela Casino Facing Seasickness Epidemic

Priya Khan - 26-11-2019

deltin caravelaThe Deltin Caravela Casino may offer first-rate entertainment and glittering surroundings, but it has also become plagued by players who are suffering the ill effects of seasickness. This is as a result of Indian gamblers struggling to cope with the heavy pitching and turning the venue is subject to thanks to its being moored on the Mandovi River. One of the floating casinos located here is on its way to a new temporary berth, but the jury’s out as to when a permanent home will be found for the remaining five shipboard gambling venues.

Nobody Wants Them

It was recently revealed that the Deltin Group, a Delta Corp offshoot, has finally received state approval regarding shifting the Deltin Caravela Casino to another spot on the Mandovi. This is where all the floating venues are currently. This process has been going on for some time thanks to public opposition to their relocation.

The Deltin Caravela offers premium gambling alongside luxurious accommodation, with suites outfitted in ember, gold, and mahogany tones looking out over the beautiful passageway of water. The gaming floor features 17 tables, 122 positions, and 10+ live games, including American Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, and several Poker variations.

The resentment from locals stems largely from their claims that these floating casinos are like islands, with native inhabitants not benefiting from their operations in any way. Players are provided with board and lodging by the operator, and additional facilities are also extended, like swimming pools and spas that provide massages and aromatherapy sessions and the like. This means that those visiting will spend all their time ensconced in their immediate surroundings and be of economic value to the operator only.

Natives Say No to Casino Entertainment

Meanwhile, studies have shown that, although almost 50% of Goa’s men gamble, state casinos are not where they play. In a report covering the proclivities of 1 500+ Goan men which the Asian Journal of Psychiatry published, 49.9% of the respondents revealed that they had experience in gambling, and 45% additionally stated that they had bet in the previous year.

The Lottery is the most popular pastime, with participation rates of 67.8%, and Matka came in at a close second, with 52.3% of Goans stating that this was their game of chance. Things fell steeply after this, with only 7.6% of respondents enjoying card games, 4.7% taking part in dice games, and 3.3% placing sports bets.