Growing Interest In Live Casino India Games

Priya Khan - 09-06-2021

Growing Interest In Live Casino India GamesIt is no secret that the Indian population loves to engage in games of chance, be it at a Live casino India, sports betting, slots, or table games. In fact, a recent survey indicated that roughly 80% of all Indian adults gamble in some way at least once a year. That is a massive percentage, ranking the country as amongst the highest in terms of gamblers per capita in the world. More to the point, the number of active gamblers is still climbing, indicating a massive surge of interest.

The thought-provoking trend has sparked much debate amongst researchers, with many asking the same obvious question; why is gambling so popular in India, including the Live casino India scene?

It turns out that there are a number of factors driving the trend.

Fluctuating Laws

Perhaps the most significant reason for increased interest is the fluctuating local laws. It has only been since January 2021 that a handful of states overturned standing regulations, officially making gambling legal. This law, however, only applies to specialised land based establishments. The states in question that made this change include Goa, Daman and Sikkim.

However, regardless of these new laws, there has never been any specific restrictions relating to online casinos. This means that iGaming, including Live casino India sites, sports betting India, and other such activities, are allowed. Hence, it is possible for locals in most areas to quickly and easily log on to a Live casino India, create an account, and start playing immediately.

On the other hand, it is important to note that in other states, such as Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, gambling is still prohibited for the time being, with not even land based activities allowed. This means that a Live casino India, or online sports betting India, is still the only option for those residents.

Convenience And Accessibility

Looking beyond matters of law, a Live casino India and online sports betting India is also extremely convenient and accessible. All that is required is a device with an internet connection and casino games can be enjoyed in just a matter of seconds.

Additionally, bonuses and other promotional deals also make iGaming exceptionally appealing. Some promotional offers are almost too good to be true, providing Bonus Cash and Free Spins simply for making an account. Hence, it isn’t difficult to see why iGaming has risen to such heights in India.

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