Pragmatic Play Unveil New Mega Wheel Live

Priya Khan - 12-11-2020

mega wheelLive casino game specialist, Pragmatic Play, have unleashed their latest creation onto the iGaming scene. The new release is called Mega Wheel Live, and is perhaps the most interesting title yet to be created by the studio. Inspired by Big 6, and other Money Wheel competitions, the name of the game is simple; guess the outcome and win big.

But, of course, this being a live casino game from Pragmatic Play, the experience is all about the vibrant presentation. Mega Wheel Live features a giant, colourful wheel, charismatic presenters, and an impressively elaborate set.

Plus, of course, it is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be streamed on just about any device capable of receiving Live video broadcasts.

Massive Payout Potential

Looking more closely at the rules, Mega Wheel Live offers an experience similar to Roulette. Players must predict where the wheel will stop, with a choice of 54, conveniently coloured options. If guessing correctly, the sum of 40 times the original wager is paid out.

However, a random Mega Lucky Number is also selected for each spin. If the player manages to hit this number, an incredible 500 times the original wager is awarded.

Beyond this, the live casino game also offers unprecedented social interaction, mimicking the format of popular television gameshows. Players may chat with one another between spins, and may even chat with the team of presenters, if they choose to do so.

All in all, the Live title effortlessly manages to achieve its gameshow inspired tone, once again demonstrating why Pragmatic Play have such a lofty reputation.

A Landmark In Entertainment

Lena Yasir spoke for the developer, elaborating on Mega Wheel Live. He pointed out that in human entertainment history, gameshows have always stood as a benchmark for ultimate player engagement. The idea with the latest release, he stressed, was to not just recreate that level of engagement, but to exceed it, offering something that was on a whole new level.

Yasir continued, saying that the game was aimed at directly supplying players what they were asking for, given the global circumstances at present. He concluded simply by suggesting that Mega Wheel Live was just the first of many more, similar releases, all of which would offer equal entertainment value.

The latest Pragmatic Play live casino game is now ready and waiting to be experienced first-hand, available at top casinos powered by the brand.