Ezugi To Launch Live Andar Bahar

Priya Khan - 15-07-2019

Ezugi To Launch Live Andar BaharEzugi is known for their top quality Live Dealer online casino games. Their portfolio is already impressive, but is set to become even more so with a new addition; Andar Bahar. The classic card game is widely known in India, and will now be available as a Live Dealer online version for the first time ever from August the 8th.

Ezugi has promised that Live Andar Bahar will demonstrate an unrelenting commitment to authenticity. English and Hindi versions will be available, with both featuring real dealers that are dedicated to land-based casino rules. The resulting experience should be so immersive that players feel like they are seated at a real table in a luxurious casino.

An Indian Favourite

The rules of Andar Bahar are relatively simple, but are largely unknown globally due to it being an Indian focused form of entertainment. Thanks to Ezugi this may well change, and the rest of the world could soon enjoy all it has to offer.

To play, a first card is dealt in the centre of the table, referred to as the Joker or base value card. Additional cards are then dealt to either side of the first in alternating sequence, referred to as the Andar and Bahar cards. More cards are added until one is dealt that has the same value as the Joker. Suits are irrelevant; only the value is counted in creating a match. The object is simple; place bets on if the matching card will be dealt on the Andar or Bahar side of the Joker.


But this wouldn’t be an Ezugi production without their being added features. In order to make the experience more engaging, Side Bets and other bonuses have been added. The option will exist to also place bets on how long the round will progress before a match is found. Plus, cutting edge overlaid graphics will be displayed, showing statistics based on hundreds of rounds of collected data.

A Brand On A Roll

Live Andar Bahar is just one of many exciting developments from Ezugi in recent months. Just a few weeks ago, an upgrade was launched to the classic Baccarat Live Dealer game, called Baccarat 3.0 and the brand’s Blackjack and Roulette titles likewise received the 3.0 upgrade in 2018, utilising the more flexible and compatible HTML technology.

Plus, all these Live Dealer games are optimised for a wide variety of platforms, meaning that players can now enjoy streamed content directly to their desktop or mobile device. Images are now even compatible in landscape and portrait formats, offering perfect picture quality regardless of screen size.

The brand is clearly growing from strength to strength, and now they are set to make major in roads in the Indian market by remastering a local favourite.