Playtech to Release Majority Rules Speed Blackjack

Priya Khan - 17-06-2020

New Playtech Live Blackjack gameiGaming operator Playtech has premiered their latest live casino game. Majority Rules Speed Blackjack is set to add yet another dimension to traditional live dealer games with a community feel.

The upcoming release is designed to give players the feeling of community interaction, and will offer a unique twist on classic, traditional 21. The live casino game is set to feature two different modes which are determined by the number of players present. These modes include Best Strategy and Majority Rules.

New Style of Gameplay

Best Strategy mode is activated when there are few players on the table, with hands automatically resolved according to flow. In Majority Rules, players vote on if they want to Stand, Double, Split or Hit with a 50% or greater vote triggering each action. Players need to determine in advance to accept a vote of Best Strategy game play on slip or double actions, as additional funding would be necessary in this regard.

Commenting on the release, Playtech has said that Majority Rules Speed Blackjack adds a unique spin on classic gameplay. The brand believes that the collaborative, community feel through the game’s voting style decision making is a first of its kind in the live casino sector, and it’s sure to attract even more players.

In Partnership With GVC Holdings

Majority Rules Speed Blackjack has been developed in partnership with GVC Holdings. The two big iGaming brands teamed up last year when they launched Elevation Live Casino together. The new space was designed by both brands to enhance player experience online with an immersive visual appeal unseen elsewhere.

Elevation Live Casino was as created as a response to player requests for more interactive gaming experiences. Majority Rules Speed Blackjack will be the latest live casino game to be released under this joint venture, and is due to be available to players in July 2020.

Despite their success in the live casino industry and beyond, London-based Playtech has come under fire recently following their controversial bonus and pay packages. They asked a number of their employees to take a pay cut earlier in the year due to the ongoing worldwide crisis. They then proposed a staggering £2.9 million (the equivalent of €3.2 million or $3.6 million) pay package for company CEO Mor Weizer. Despite two-thirds of the gaming company’s shareholders objecting to the huge pay package for the brand’s CEO, Weizer will be receiving the full £2.9 million.

This, however, shouldn’t detract too much from the live casino games they have to offer, and they really are excelling in this sector at present.