NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack Tables Go Live

Priya Khan - 09-10-2019

NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack Tables Go LiveSwedish online gambling giant NetEnt has just revealed another exciting addition to their live dealer gaming portfolio. The developer’s new Blackjack title is aided by live human dealers, and live streamed from their professional casino studios for engaging action in real time.

Perfect Blackjack is now available across the supplier’s whole network of operators offering its live products. The game offers standard 21 gameplay with a few thrilling twists for immersive real money fun.

Blackjack is one of the few traditional casino games out there in which players’ choices can make a notable difference to their house edge. Your choices to hit, split, stand and double down have a huge impact on your ultimate winning chances, and those of your chosen casino as well.

More About Perfect Strategy

Over the years, many innovators have devised solutions for the many scenarios that can play out during a hand. Nowadays, all of these discoveries are grouped under a single umbrella title – perfect Blackjack strategy.

Until now, playing perfect strategy required you to either learn it backwards or have a cheat sheet for the game close by while you are playing. With NetEnt’s brand new Perfect Blackjack tables, however, this is no longer necessary. Every hand in the title is automatically played according to the laws of perfect strategy, giving you the upper hand.

Due to the fact that every single hand plays out according to perfect strategy, the house edge in Perfect Blackjack stands at just 0.5%, giving players an RTP of 99.5%. This means that you don’t have to worry about whether your decisions are right or wrong, and you can also learn how to use perfect strategy simply by watching other hands play out in real time.

Brand New Autoplay Features

The exciting new NetEnt live dealer game also boasts an auto-play feature that allows players to enjoy being dealt new hands automatically. You can choose whether to automatically split or double down when perfect strategy recommends it too, which optimises your winning chances.

The famed developer believes that the innovative new game will generate plenty of interest among players across the globe. The reason behind this is that Perfect Blackjack allows them to enjoy all the benefits of perfect strategy with minimal effort on their part. The title will also enable players of all levels of skill to easily learn the intricacies of 21, enhancing their skills as they play.