NetEnt Live Gets a Makeover

Priya Khan - 01-06-2020

NetEnt Live Gets a MakeoverNetEnt is all about player engagement, not unlike the majority of service providers and operators currently attempting to carve a living out of the competitive world of online gaming. The brand’s NetEnt Live product, which was for the first time introduced back in 2013, is allowing operators a sneak peek at its new Live Casino Lobby and Mini-Lobby, both described by the brand as being 100% player-engagement focused.

Player-engagement ramped up by among other things, a seamless navigation experience, says Director of NetEnt Live Andres Renfigo, is the core around which NetEnt Live’s new Live Casino Lobby and Min-Lobby rotate. And seamless navigation isn’t all there is to the new lobbies either – there are also a host of new play opportunities with which to interact. And suffice to say that the end-result in right on the money when thinking an enjoyable and finely polished, perfectly intuitive, and in-tune player experience.

Creating Experiences

NetEnt Live not only specialises in the player experience, but also in the quality of the experience around engagement from the vantage point of the operator. The newest online space lends itself freely toward 100% operator-driven brand customisation. Operators are now for the first time in the history of brand, invited to create what are referred to as fully interchangeable player environments based on regional needs, player preferences according to age, gender, and more, as well as operator’s own favourite brand preferences.

From a player point of view, it’s all about being captivated by live-streamed images and video footage of dynamic tables – with the entire melee presented by expertly-trained live dealers and games hosts only interested in making a player’s day or even year.

How’s That For Brand Power?

Not only does the NetEnt Live concept in its entirety subscribe to the notion of a first impressions lasting for the longest time and also only ever being possible as a once-off affair, but also to the idea of truly empowering operators to be more and do more with their own specific brands and markers.

A lobby is in effect a first point of contact and the only first point of contact most players will ever experience, making that first and initial impression a thing of beauty and a thing necessitating a provider getting it ‘exactly and perfectly’ right.