Live Casino India – Biggest Poker Tournaments

Priya Khan - 13-04-2021

Live Casino India – Biggest Poker TournamentsLive casinos India are rapidly gaining popularity with locals, as are live casinos Poker sites. As it turns out, Poker is one of few casino games that are legal in the country. This is due to the fact that the game is considered to be a challenge of skill, rather than a gamble of chance, putting it in an interesting position.

The popular activity is a favoured Live casino game at live casinos India, with many respected players engaging in the online services on a regular basis. These same players also attend some of the land based tournaments held in the country, of which there are a few. Interestingly enough, the most skilled attendants at these land based events tend to sharpen their skills at live casinos Poker, helping them perform better, and otherwise stand apart as true professionals.

Indian Poker Championship

By far the most prestigious and respected event in the country is the Indian Poker Championship, (IPC.) Organised by Spartan Poker, a company that also offers online versions of the game, the event is held in Goa on an annual basis. The IPC was originally launched in 2010, and has since grown into a globally renowned tournament. Most notably, in 2020 the IPC was held at Big Daddy Casino, and was attended by global Poker sensation Dan Bilzerian.

A noteworthy evolution of the IPC is due to be held in 2021. Spartan Poker introduced the Online Poker Championship, with the first iteration due to take place before the end of the year. This digital alternative will be perfect for those who play at live casinos India, given the similarities of the interfaces. 

Deltin Poker Tournament

The Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) was more recently introduced in 2016 and is also frequently attended by fans of live casinos India. Deltin Group is one of the biggest local operators, and as such managed to make DPT almost as large and successful as the IPC. 3 edition were held in 2017 alone, with each event seeing a significantly increased prize pool.

Deltin Group additionally established the Deltin Poker Tournament Xpress (DPTX,) which was focused on smaller, more affordable stakes. The DPTX does not have the staggering prizes of its bigger brother, but still attracts a wide range of players from all walks of life. Many newcomers to Poker tend to start here, and work their way up.

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