The Rise Of Legal Sports Betting India Sites

Priya Khan - 26-05-2021

The Rise Of Legal Sports Betting India Sites

As is well known, Indians love sport, with cricket, tennis, football and wrestling being amongst the most popular. It stands to reason then that sports betting India is also extremely popular, indicating that many locals enjoy putting down money on events. However, it is the rise of online sportsbooks that have really taken things to the next level. It is easier than ever before to make a wager, making meaning that convenience is a key growth factor.

However, sports betting India has also undergone many changes as far as the law is concerned. With the government finally opening up regulated, legal sportsbooks, the industry all but exploded overnight.

Let’s take a closer look at the thriving Indian iGaming scene.


It is important to understand that sports betting India has only recently become legal, and rules tend to vary between local districts. However, the fact of the matter is that wagering of this kind has been going on for decades. Punters simply used illegal operators, resulting in black-market activity spiralling out of control.

Eventually local governments decided to take action, not only legalising sportsbooks, but ensuring that legal licenses were also made available. This means that not only is it now legal to put down money on sports in many parts of the country, but that online sportsbooks must abide by a strict set of regulations. Thus, betting options not only now fall within the law, but are also much safer than they once were.

Freedom Of Choice

As it stands, there are now over a dozen legal, licensed sportsbooks offering sports betting India options. This in itself is excellent news for sporting enthusiasts, but more so that the sites provide far more than just odds. Many also provide useful information, betting strategy guides, and even fantastic bonuses. Not to mention, of course, that winning payouts are fast, reliable, and often far better than could be found at the previous black-market.

Speaking of fantastic rewards, many of these new betting sites provide what is referred to as a no deposit bonus. This means that a new player will be granted a free bet or a small amount of money for placing bets simply for creating an account. The bonus, which will appear instantly in an account, can be used to safely explore the site, and even win real money.

It truly is an interesting time for sports betting India, with the industry shifting in a new, safer, and more generous direction.

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