Stakelogic Welcome Live Casino Game Partner

Priya Khan - 22-10-2020

stake logiciGaming developer Stakelogic explained that it established its Greenlogic partner program with a single goal in mind; allowing for easy, fast collaboration with other studios. A number of companies have joined Greenlogic since original inception, but none with the specific intent of creating live casino games. At least, none had that intention until the recent enrolment of Slovenia-based Spintec Gaming Technology, who are the latest to join.

According to a Stakelogic spokesperson, Spintec Gaming Technology are the first developer to officially join with a bounty of live casino game experience, making them a valuable partner. Though, it will be some time before the partnership bears any fruit, a spokesperson explained, with the first releases only slated for the second quarter of 2021.

Either way, the partnership starts a new era for Stakelogic, who have been looking to break into the Live iGaming market for some time.

More Variety Than Ever Before

Speaking for the developer, company CEO Stephan van den Oetelaar shared a few thoughts. He first took the time to welcome the newest company into the Greenlogic program, saying that it was always a pleasure to sign up talented new studios. He then went on to declare that Spintec Gaming Technology are a group of passionate, ambitious and highly skilled individuals, which will go a long way to helping create world class content.

Oetelaar then explained that it was going to be a pleasure to finally start working on live casino game content, an undertaking that had been a development priority for some time. He concluded simply by stating that, together, the studios would start tackling the task of creating the most authentic Live iGaming experiences possible, all of which would be sure to wow customers around the world.

An Important Milestone

Spintec Gaming Technology managing director Goran Sovilj shared a few thoughts of his own. He stated first that the partnership was an important milestone for his company, playing an important role, and paving the way for a brighter future than ever before.

He went on to stress that his studio had realised long ago that a partner would be required to truly break into the iGaming industry, and, now that one had been found, multiple doors had open opened around the world.

 Sovilj concluded by stressing that his company’s expertise in the live casino game world now come into play in a big way, and that together with Stakelogic a true market leading team had been created.

What the partnership produces remains to be seen, but the Live market is certainly heating up and becoming a significant part of the iGaming industry.