Enjoy India’s Best Live Blackjack Thrills

Try as they may, there are not many games that manage to pack as much fun-filled entertainment and stomach-churning suspense into every round as live Blackjack does. It has enthralled players for more than 300 years, and its allure shows no sign of tarnish, especially now you can play against a real dealer, in real time, at a casino online.

We cannot get enough of the luxurious editions of the game produced by the best live casino providers in India, and are sure that you will feel the same way.

Introduction to Blackjack

The classic card game known today as live Blackjack was originally called 21. In fact, many players still call it by that name, because that is its most recognisable aspect – you need a maximum of 21 points to beat the dealer.

You can win with fewer points, but the value of your hand will need to be closer to the magic score than the total of the dealer’s hand is. If the 2 cards you are dealt at the start of the game are worth 21, you win the best payout for a natural Blackjack. If not, you can make one of several moves to improve your score.


Find Your Favourite Variant

Several different variations of live Blackjack have been developed, but the 2 most common variants offered at the top online casinos in India are the European and American. How the action is showcased depends on the provider, but the gameplay should not deviate from the classic rules.

In the European edition, you are dealt 2 cards at the beginning, and the dealer is dealt 1. The second is dealt after you make your move. In the American edition, you and the dealer each receive 2 cards to start. The dealer has the option of increasing the suspense by checking for a winning hand early in the round.


The Basics of 21

Playing live Blackjack is unbelievably simple, even if you have never played it before. After placing a bet, the dealer will deal the cards, and if they do not check for a winning hand early, will wait for you to make a move.

If the hand you were dealt looks like it might beat what the dealer has, you can stand. If you want a better score, you can hit to take another card. If you want to improve your score and intensify the thrills, double down by placing another bet and taking another card. Splitting is an option if you were dealt 2 like cards. Once split, more cards will be added to each, creating 2 new hands. The dealer may also take more cards, but once they have done so, their hand will be revealed, and you will find out who won!


Start Using Strategy

Live Blackjack strategy cannot guarantee you will win. However, it can help you make decisions that ultimately benefit your gaming.

If you decide to use strategic play, we recommend that you start with the basics, and build on them as your skills improve. To get you started, we suggest hitting when you have a score of 8 or less, always splitting Aces and 8s, doubling when your score is 10 or 11, and standing when you have a score of 17 or higher.


Play Best-Quality Games

Powered by Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, and other leading providers, India’s ultimate live Blackjack games offer unforgettable experiences at the tables. You can find tables that cater to the size of the bets players want to place, tables with a party vibe, and even tables with dealers dressed in cute costumes. Be part of the action at top online casinos that we’ve reviewed and rated.