Free Bet Blackjack Game Review

Free Bet Blackjack is an exciting new release from Evolution Gaming, and is available at many of the best live online casinos in India right now. You can expect the usual smooth video feeds, engaging dealers and exciting special features that are characteristic of all Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack and other games.

Learn more about the game here, before you try it out for yourself.

Free Bet Blackjack Basics

If you already know how to play Blackjack, you should be able to pick up the rules of this game with no problems at all. Evolution Gaming calls it an exciting variant of their Infinite Blackjack release, meaning the number of seats is unlimited.

The basic online Blackjack rules are followed, so you need to build a hand total of 21 or as close to that as possible without going over that number. At the same time, your hand total must beat the dealer’s. The big difference here is that you are allowed free bets on specific doubles and splits.

The free wagers apply to 2-card hard totals of 9, 10 and 11 when doubling down, and to all pairs except 10s when splitting. The reason the casino can afford to allow these online Blackjack rules is that when a dealer hand is 22, winning player hands are pushed rather than being paid out for beating the dealer. The adjustment makes for different odds and very exciting gameplay.

Extra Wins with Side Bets

Evolution Gaming’s Free Bet Blackjack offers you the chance to boost your payouts even more with potentially lucrative side bets. The 4 side wagers are Any Pair, which pays if your first 2 cards are a pair of any kind; 21+3, which pays if your first 2 cards and the dealer’s face-up card combine to make a Poker-ranked hand; Hot 3, which wins if the total of your first 2 cards and the dealer’s face up card is 19 or higher, and Bust It, which pays out increasing amounts if the dealer busts with a hand of 3 to 8 cards.

The Six Card Charlie Rule

Players who are very familiar with how to play Blackjack may well have come across the Six-Card Charlie Rule before. The rule means you’re paid out for 6-card hands with totals of 21 and under, whether or not the dealer gets a hand of exactly 21.

Strategy Advice

The most obvious strategy tip for Free Bet Blackjack is to take advantage of the free bet offers on double downs and splits. For the non-free wagers, if the dealer’s face-up card is 6 and you have a soft hand you should only double down if your total is 16, 17 or 18. If the dealer’s visible card is 5 and you have a sot 17, 18 or 19 hand after you’ve engaged a free split, you should also double down.

The extra wagers give you many opportunities to win more money, without spending too much of your own cash, and we highly recommend that you try this form of 21. Enjoy it at Royal Panda, one of the casinos that we recommend and have the best time possible with the most generous bonuses online!