Crazy Time Live Dealer Game Review

If you’re an online or mobile casino player and haven’t experienced a live dealer game yet, you could be missing out on a possible new favourite. One recently released title in this category that has players talking is Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time. Built on the same concept as its incredibly popular bonus wheel game, Dream Catcher, it takes live interactive gaming to even greater heights. It’s hosted in a colourful studio and boasts a Top Slot above the wheel, four rewards-filled bonus games and massive Multiplier action worth up to 25,000x – making it both fun to play and watch. 

Crazy Time – How it Works

Playing this live dealer game is as easy as choosing one of the following numbers, 1, 2, 5 or 10, with the option of also selecting a bonus game, or not. When the game begins, both the wheel and the Top Slot above it will spin, with the 2-reel slot providing a Multiplier outcome along with a number or bonus game. If it aligns, it will be awarded. The main wheel of course can either land one of the aforementioned numbers or one of the four bonus games: Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko or Crazy Time. Let’s take a look at the four individual bonus rounds.

Cash Hunt literally lets you take aim and shoot a cannon at a large board filled with Multipliers. When the countdown timer starts, these Multipliers are shuffled and covered with random symbols, leaving you to guess where the biggest values are hidden. When the time is up, your Multiplier value will be revealed and your win calculated. Coin Flip is exactly what the name implies. When this bonus round starts, two Multiplier values are generated – one corresponding with a blue outcome, and another with a red result. Then a virtual coin, with blue and red sides, is flipped. If it lands on blue, you’ll receive the blue Multiplier and if it’s red, the red Multiplier – pretty simple, really. Up next is the Pachinko bonus round, complete with the wall, pegs and puck. During this game, the host drops the puck, and where it lands will determine the player’s Multiplier win. It could also land on a ‘double’ outcome, which will double all the Multiplier values at the bottom, prompting the puck to be dropped again, ‘till such time as a Multiplier is won. This makes Multiplier wins of up to 10,000x possible. This brings us to the final bonus round, named after the live dealer game itself, and as such, the most sought after of the four. The Crazy Time bonus reveals a new gigantic wheel with 3 flapper options for players: yellow, blue and green. Once the selection is made, the host presses a red button to spin the wheel, which can stop on a Multiplier value, ‘Double’ or ‘Triple’. If it lands on the latter two options, all the Multipliers are respectively doubled or tripled, and the wheel is spun again. Ultimately, this can continue up to the point that the max 20,000x Multiplier value is reached.

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