Discover Live Casino Lightning Roulette

There is nothing small about the action offered by the live casino game named after the little wheel on the table. However, until you have played Lightning Roulette, you have yet to experience the thrills at their most electrifying! Launched by Evolution Gaming in 2018, the game sent ripples through the industry in India and abroad.

Lightning Roulette was one of the leading provider’s most exciting announcements that year, and we are not the only ones who think so. The live Roulette game was named EGR’s Game of the Year and the Global Gaming Awards’ Product Innovation of the Year.

An Art Deco Delight

Available 24/7, Lightning Roulette combines the European rules with enthralling RNG gameplay; something that Indian live casino players are sure to love. Another aspect of the live dealer game that is sure to appeal to you is the art deco setting in which the action unfolds.

Lightning Roulette has a decidedly different look and feel to the sets used for the other options available at Genting Casino. We recommend playing at this live casino India because it has pros such as being licensed and regulated, and accepting payment methods that are convenient and secure.

The game is compatible with mobile, so the only requirements are that you have a computer or mobile device with a steady connection to the internet.

Getting Ready To Play

Even though innovative elements have been incorporated into Lightning Roulette, playing it is virtually no different to playing European or French-rules live Roulette games. The wheel has the familiar red and black pockets numbered 1 through 36, as well as a single green 0 pocket. The interface features a grid with inside and outside bets; the former being bets on specific numbers, while the latter includes bets on black, red, odd numbers, even numbers, low numbers, high numbers, and dozens. You also can find French-style zero bets.

Before setting the live casino action in motion by placing your first wager, you should do a bit of bankroll management. It is important to be aware that the bet sizes can range between a 0.20 minimum and a 2000.00 maximum. Be sure to decide how much you intend to spend playing Lightning Roulette. When you have set your budget, you should also set limits on wins and losses.

Playing The Game

Lightning Roulette is incredibly easy to play. Start by placing your preferred bet by selecting the appropriate block on the betting grid. If you want to use strategy when playing at the live casino India that we recommend, we suggest that you focus on placing outside bets because of the generous winning chances they offer.

The dealer will spin the wheel and drop the ball into it once all bets are in. As the wheel spins, the 5 panels on the wall behind the table will crackle and spark as bolts of lightning leave behind up to 5 random lucky numbers as well as 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, or 400x Multipliers.

If the ball lands in the pocket on which you bet, you will win the relevant payout. However, if your bet also matches one of the lucky numbers produced by RNG, the associated Multiplier will increase your wheel payout. What’s more, if the live casino wheel does not produce your number, but a lightning strike does, you will win your bet.

Interactive Gaming Experience

As with Evolution Gaming’s other games, Lightning Roulette offers an interactive experience that is both realistic and authentic. You can use the integrated live chat tool to interact not only with the dealer, but with other live casino India players as well, making playing even more engaging and exciting!