Find Quality Live Poker In India

There probably are not many people in the world today who have not heard of the excitement, suspense, and good fun offered by a relatively young family of card games. The best-quality live Poker games online in India let you enjoy the attractions in various formats and styles, and we are here to help you find them. Our reviews will point you in the direction of where best to play your hand!

While some variations were tweaked to better suit gaming on computer and mobile devices, the adjustments to the rules were minor. The editions we recommend feature all the elements that have engaged players over the years. What’s more, they can be incredibly rewarding if you have the luck or the skill to beat the dealer.

Introduction to Poker

While live Poker continues to captivate players, it also mystifies historians. Several decades ago, a scholar put forward a convincing theory that it was a modern form of one that had been played in Persia.

Considering the earliest description of the game was written by English actor Joseph Cowell in 1829, its supposed ancient origins are highly likely. A far more plausible history is that it developed in the USA from card games that were played by English, French, and Italian immigrants. It continued to develop even after Cowell saw it played in New Orleans. In 1875, Wild cards entered the gameplay, and in 1925, community cards were introduced. New variations were developed in the 1980s and in the 1990s, and it is unlikely those will be the last.


Discover Your Style

We include 3-card and 5-card live Poker games in our reviews and recommendations, so you can find your personal style of playing. Some players prefer the quick, easy thrills of the former, while others prefer the growing suspense and stages that often are features of the latter.

3 Card Poker is the least complicated of all variants. You get 3 cards face up, the dealer gets the same number face down, and you then need to raise, and place another bet, or fold.

Caribbean Stud gives you and the dealer 5 cards each. All your cards, as well as 1 of the dealers, are face up. To play, simply raise or fold. Casino Hold’em was developed as a teaching tool, so is an easy introduction to more complicated 5-card live Poker variants. As exciting as those forms of the game are, the most popular one remains Texas Hold’em. You get 2 cards only, as the remainder are dealt as community cards in the Flop and other stages. You need to raise or fold in each stage, and you need to use the community cards to build a pay table hand that beats the dealer’s. 


The Basic Moves

There are 2 basic moves that you can make when you play Poker, and those are to raise and to fold. If you raise, you need to place another bet, and if you fold, you quit the round. When you can make a move is determined by the rules of the variant you have chosen.


Hands That Can Win

Becoming familiar with the traditional pay table is one of the best things you can do for the live Poker games you play at the sites we recommend for players in India. The weakest of the winning hands is a pair, followed by 2 pairs, 3 of a kind, a straight, a flush, a full house, 4 of a kind, a straight flush, and the best hand, a royal flush.

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