The Best Teen Patti Game Guide

Teen Patti is an Indian game that originated in England, with the name itself a phrase that translates to Three Cards. The English game, in turn, comes from a 16-the century title called Three Card Brag, which also originated from an already-established Elizabethan game, Primero. And this is one of the ancestors of the game of Poker so popular around the world today!

Because it’s so easy to learn how to play Teen Patti, it’s one of the most popular card-based gambling games in India. And it has made the transition from physical tables to desktop, smartphone, and tablet screens superbly.

Thanks to top online casino software providers like Evolution and Ezugi, you can now jump into a game from anywhere you have an internet connection.

The Rules and How to Play

Games are played with a standard set of 52 cards, Aces high. When you’re playing in person, up to 10 people can be involved, but online it’s just you and the dealer. Trust us, you’ll find learning how to play Teen Patti a breeze.

The first step is the Ante, or Boot, bet that you make before the game begins. Choose your chip size and click on the Ante circle to position them. After that, you’ll receive your cards, 3, facing down, and you’ll need to decide now whether you want to take the Blind bet now or look at your cards and wager later on.

If you choose to play the Blind, this forces the Teen Patti dealer to double the stake and you can look forward to a special payout if you go on to win. If you decide to do this, you’ll need to pay another amount equal to your Ante bet.

Now it’s time to look at your cards, which you can do by pressing the button marked See. Then you can Pack, or Fold, or keep going. If you want to carry on, choose the Bet button, Chaal, and once more wager twice your Ante. If you Pack, then you’ll lose all the money staked thus far.

Once all the bets are completed, the dealer will reveal their hand and it will be compared with yours. You can beat this hand with at least a Pair and larger payouts are provided if you’ve created a stronger hand. But if neither you nor the dealer has managed a qualifying hand then bets will be pushed.

Now that you know the basics of how to play Teen Patti, all you need to do is memorise the hand rankings.

Where to Play

Now that you know how to play Teen Patti, you will be able to immerse yourself in the fantastic fun of this first-rate card game at some of the finest online casinos for Indian players. We’re happy to recommend top-quality online casinos like:

Teen Patti Hand Rankings

Three Card Poker fans will find this game’s rankings very similar:

  1. Trail, or 3-of-a-Kind

3 cards of the same value, like three 2s.

  1. Pure Sequence, or Straight Flush

3 successive cards of the same suit, like the 3, 4, and 5 of hearts.

  1. Sequence, or Straight

3 successive cards of different suits, like the 6 of spades, the 7 of diamonds, and the 8 of clubs.

  1. Flush, or Colour

Any 3 cards of the same suit, like the 4, 7, and 10 of hearts.

  1. Pair

2 cards of the same value, like two 5s and an Ace.

  1. High Card

Any 3 cards of different suits and not in sequence, like the 3 of hearts, 10 of spades, and Jack of diamonds.

Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

As much as Teen Patti game outcomes rely on luck, much like Poker there is definitely an element of skill involved.

We always suggest that you begin with smaller bets. The game is a marathon not a sprint, and you’ll play many hands in a single session. So, spread your losses and give yourself as many chances to win as you can! Controlling your wagers is a vital element to keep in mind while you’re getting to know how to play Teen Patti.

It’s also vital that you keep your emotions in check, in this game and any others you may play online. This is the only way to stop yourself from making irrational decisions that may end up costing you money.

And remember, practice makes perfect. Give yourself the time and space necessary to master Teen Patti and focus on the process, not the outcome.

Popular Teen Patti Variations

As should be expected just by looking at where this game comes from, there are a lot of variations for fans to enjoy. Lowball, or Mufliss is one, and the only difference is that the hand rankings are different.

999 is another popular take, and your job in this version is to get as close a hand to 9, 9, and 9 as possible. Discard One sees 4 cards being dealt instead of 3, of which the player must choose 1 to get rid of, and Plus Sign sees an addition symbol being made on the table with 5 Jokers that Teen Patti players can access according to a specific set of rules.