Basketball Online Sports Betting Guide

Basketball is a sport that is popular in India, and abroad. With its fast-paced action and quick point scoring, it is fun to watch and ideal for putting money on the outcome. For online sports betting enthusiasts, Basketball provides plenty of action, with outright bets on international tournaments and a full range of match markets for each and every game.

If you love the sport and you want to get started betting online, here is all the information you will need.

International Leagues and Tournaments

Basketball sports betting in India covers all the major leagues and tournaments, both domestically and abroad. At home, most of the action revolves around the United Basketball Alliance (UBA). This is India’s premier league and consists of 8 teams. 2019 will be the 5th season if this fledgling event with the Mumbai Challengers winning the 2017 Championship.

In addition to the UBA, online sports betting sites will post odds and markets on the Eurocup, the EuroLeague, the Champions League, Germany’s Basketball Bundesliga, Italy’s Lega 1 and Spain’s ACB League. Most of the international bets though are placed on the NBA. This is the largest and most prestigious Basketball league in the world, with 30 teams based in the US and Canada.

Popular Basketball Bets

Basketball is ideal for live sports betting, pre-match wagers and outright bets. For international tournaments and major leagues, it is possible to place and outright bet on the overall winner of a competition or the league winner. Outright bets can be placed weeks or even months before the event, often with higher odds the longer in advance you place the wager. Other outright bets can include predicting the conference winner and who will meet in the finals.

For regular games, the moneyline bet is the most popular. This is where you predict the team to win regardless of the score. Another popular pre-match wager is the total points or over/under bet. In this wager, the bookmaker posts a score total which is the combined score of both teams after full time. You can then predict whether the actual combined score will be above or below the total posted.

Many online sports betting sites will post handicap bets when two teams are not evenly matched. In such cases, the underdog team will gain a virtual point advantage to make the odds more attractive and accessible. Halftime bets are also popular where predict which team will be leading at halftime.

If you know a lot about Basketball, you can choose to place a prop bet on individual statistics in the game. Prop bets can include predicting which player will score the first three pointer, which team will have the best defence or offence, who will score the last points and if the game will go into overtime.

Understanding the Sport

If you are familiar with sports betting in India, you will know that research is key to placing a successful wager. Before putting your money down or engaging in live sports betting, it is essential that you find out all about the current team standing, who are the best players and how they are performing this season. While historical results are always useful, always remember that exterior factors can influence the outcome.

Keep in mind that a game can be influenced if a team has any injuries, if there have been any changes to the line-up or coaching staff, and if the team has a busy travel schedule. Another important factor to consider when online sports betting is where the match is being played and if any of the teams have a home ground advantage, as this can influence the outcome in a major way.