Online Cricket Betting Guide

Cricket is by far the most popular sport in India, and one that always attracts attention. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you live, if there is a major match taking place, you will know about it, and probably be betting on the outcome too. Whether it is a local T20 game or the Indian Premier League, an international test match between Australia and England, or a wager on the World Cup, online sports betting is the ideal way to bet and win big on your favourite team.

The Three Main Cricket Formats

If this is your first time wagering on Cricket, it is important to note that sports betting India sites offer markets and odds on every type of event. It may be worth specialising in one type of style as each format requires a different level of skill from the batsman and bowlers.

Test Cricket, also known as 5-day, is the oldest format of the game. Played over 5 days, this format sees each team play two innings with as many overs as it takes to bowl out the entire team. It often happens that the match is a draw when teams cannot complete both their innings.

One Day Internationals or ODI’s are more popular and are played in a single day, often stretching into the evening. ODI matches are ideal for live sports betting as the momentum can swing at any time when a major wicket is taken or if consecutive boundaries are scored. In this format, each team is given 50 overs to score as many runs as possible as long as they keep their 10 wickets.

Twenty20 or T20 Cricket is fast becoming the most popular format of the game. This is the base format of the IPL, with teams getting just 20 overs to score all their runs. A T20 game can last just a few hours and is packed full of action with big hits and close finishes.

Popular Cricket Leagues and Tournaments

All top-rated online sports betting sites will offer markets on local leagues, international leagues and major international tournaments. At home, putting money on the Indian Cricket League is popular with outright and match bets. The biggest domestic tournament is the Indian Premier League, commonly known as the IPL. This T20 tournament is one of the largest attended sporting events in the world and offers great live sports betting opportunities on each match.

The biggest international tournament is the ICC Cricket World Cup. This is an ODI tournament that is held every four years with only the top nations competing for the title of World Champions. The T20 World Cup is also popular, along with the ICC Champions trophy, the Champions League T20 Tournament, and of course, the Ashes Tournament. The British-based Natwest Series is also a big one for online sports betting as is as the Australian Tri-Series, the Commonwealth Bank Series and the Asia Cup.

Popular Cricket Markets

Online sports betting India sites will offer a huge range of outright and match markets for every tournament or game. Outright bets can be placed on leagues our tournaments where you are predicting the overall Cup winner, the runners up or the teams to make it to the finals.

For individual matches, moneyline bets can be placed on the winning team. Some online sports betting sites will also offer handicap markets when two teams are not evenly matched. If you are intimately familiar with the sport, you may want to try out some of the prop markets. These can include predicting the winner of the coin toss, if any batsman will score a century, if any bowler will take 5 wickets and who will score the most sixes in the match.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Is it legal to bet on Cricket?

Yes, online Cricket betting is legal in India because there are no federal laws prohibiting it.

• What is the best way to deposit money at a Cricket betting site?

The majority of the sportsbooks you’ll find recommended here on Live-Casinos have customers the world over, so they make a wide variety of different banking methods available. This makes it possible for bettors to make secure, swift deposits.

The best deposit method depends on the means you have available and your preferences. If you prefer using your banking account, then an instant bank transfer may suit you, or an ewallet or credit card may be preferable. If you like using cryptocurrency, then depositing this way may be ideal.

• Will I be charged a fee on my deposits or withdrawals?

Whether you are using a bank transfer service, your credit card, cryptocurrency, an ewallet, or a prepaid card, there are generally no transfer fees attached to the transaction. However, to be sure, always read the fine print before making any move at on online bookmaker. Your financial institution may charge a fee too, but this is up to them and not the sportsbook.

• Can I bet on Cricket using my mobile phone?

It depends on the sportsbook but, for the most part, you absolutely can. Whether you wager on a sportsbook app or a site that’s been optimised for mobile users, the process is simple and straightforward. And you can do a lot more on the go, including receiving updates about upcoming Cricket events, live betting on these, and live streaming the matches.

• What should I look for in a Cricket betting site?

When it comes to online Cricket betting, there are many mobile and online options for Indian users. Here at Live-Casino, we have articles recommending the top ones, but you can also carry out your own research. If you decide to go this route, keep these 4 criteria in mind:

  1. Betting Markets

Maybe you’re getting into wagering on Cricket because of a specific event or even to test a particular bet. Always check the markets at the site you’re interested in since all were not created equal!

  1. Live Streaming

What started off as a luxury available at only a few elite bookmakers has become a must-have for any serious sportsbook. Live streaming has actually become a central drawcard for bookmakers offering in-play bets, so make sure your preferred site makes it available.

  1. Odds

You will be amazed by how dramatically Cricket odds can vary from site to site! This is why we recommend opening at least 3 sportsbook accounts and checking odds before online Cricket betting in any capacity.

  1. Trustworthiness

Don’t ever risk being cheated out of your winnings or having your personal information violated. Do this by ensuring that you’re online Cricket betting at a reliable, reputable site. The information about this should be relatively easy to attain, albeit time-consuming. That’s why we do the review process on your behalf.

Site security should be of a high standard, banking options should be varied and secure, and customer care should be easy to reach. The sportsbook should also hold a licence with a trusted, respected regulatory authority.