Rugby Online Sports Betting Guide

Rugby may not be one of the most popular sports in India, but it is ideal for online sports betting. Played mainly in Commonwealth countries, Rugby is a full contact team sport with plenty of action and drama on the field. Not only is it fun to watch, but it also provides plenty of standard and live sports betting opportunities on international games and tournaments. Plus, it is played all over the world with games held every week, so there is no shortage of wagering opportunities.

If you are interested in putting money on the sport, here is what you need to know.

Rugby League and Union

If you are familiar with online or live sports betting, you will know that the first step is learning as much about the sport as possible. In the case of Rugby, it is good to know that there are two main types played internationally.

League is the faster version of the game with more kicking and longer halves. The more popular version is Union Rugby, which is a slower and focuses more on possession and passing. In both versions the aim is to get the ball across the try line or kick it between the posts to score points. Unlike American Football though, the ball can only be passed backwards during play.

How the Points Work

When a team places a ball past the try line, this is called a try and the team is awarded 5 points. The team then has the opportuntinty to convert the try by kicking the ball over the posts for an additional two points. It is also possible for a team to score with field kick over the posts at any point in the game. This will award 3 points.

Popular Tournaments

All top-rated sports betting India sites will offer markets on International, European, African and American Rugby tournaments. For local bettors, the international and intercontinental tournaments offer the most action and the best online sports betting options. The biggest tournament is the World Cup, which is held every four years. There is also the Six Nations Championship, the World Rugby Pacific challenge; the Nations Cup, Super Rugby and the Pro 14, all of which are broadcast or streamed live to audiences around the world.

Basic Rugby Bets

If you are new to online sports betting or Rugby in particular, the easiest Rugby bet to place is the match or moneyline bet. This simply involves predicting which team will win the match. If teams are unevenly matched, bookmakers will offer handicap bets where the underdogs are given a virtual points advantage.

For the international tournaments and local leagues, outright betting is also popular. This is where you predict the overall winning team of the tournament or league. Other outright bets include predicting which teams will win their group stage and who will make it through to the finals.

For more experienced punters there is the opportunity to enjoy live sports betting, and there are plenty of prop bets to choose from too. These are wagers that pertain to statistics and players in a match. For example, you can predict which team will score the first try in a match, which team will win the first or second half, the total number of tries in a game, the total number of penalties in a game and which side will hold supremacy the longest.

Factors Influencing a Game

With both standard and live sports betting there are many factors that can influence the outcome of a Rugby game. Teams playing on home soil tend to do better, even if they are ranked lower. Other factors include team injuries, changes to the coaching staff, travel schedule, not enough practise time and previous matchup results, and all of these need to be considered before you place your wagers.