The Best Cricket Betting Sites

It is no secret that Indians love sports, especially Cricket. So it comes as no surprise that betting is also very popular in the country. With that being said, online sportsbooks are also becoming increasingly popular, with many smart bettors preferring to do their wagering at Cricket betting sites rather than at a land-based bookmaker.

Let’s take a closer look now at online Cricket betting, the best sportsbooks in India, as well as a few online Cricket betting tips. We’re here to help bettors make the most of every wager they place, and to reap the richest possible rewards.


There are few Cricket betting sites as respected as Betway. Having originally launched in 2006, the site underwent sweeping changes aiming to refine their offerings as best as possible. Today Betway has become amongst the most respect sportsbooks in the world, providing one of the largest betting markets.

Naturally, Cricket is a focus, but those who prefer to branch out will also find options for Football, Rugby, Darts and Pool. Even beyond this, politics can also be bet on, making Betway an excellent choice for those who like to go beyond the norm. The welcome bonuses are also exceptional, and customer support reliable, making this an all-round excellent choice for every betting enthusiast.


22 Bet

Next up on our list of the best Cricket betting sites is 22 Bet. This is a highly popular site amongst Indian bettors, with many referring to it as the best option overall. 22 Bet may not have as broad a selection of markets as Betway, but makes up for it with superior customer support and a focus on mobile device compatibility. Plus, those that love a good deal will certainly be impressed, with the site offering some of the most generous promotional deals currently available. All in all, 22 Bet is the perfect choice for those that are focused on a specific sport, and prefer to use their smartphone to place their bets on the go.


10 Cric

Originally established in 2013, next in our list of highly recommended Cricket betting sites is 10 Cric. As the name suggests, this is an online sportsbook that focuses almost exclusively on Cricket. But that doesn’t mean that other betting options aren’t available, and in fact the coverage is almost as broad as Betway. But this is a sportsbook that knows what is popular and gives it the most attention.

Other than the stylish design, also offered is a customisable interface, user friendly layout, and regular promotional offers. 10 Cric is a great choice, and anyone that decides to make it their favourite sportsbook certainly won’t go wrong.


How To Choose The Right Sportsbook

Now that we’ve mentioned some of the best Cricket betting sites, you might be wondering what really makes one online sportsbook better than the other? There are a few factors to take into account before making your final choice, so let’s take a look at them.

First and foremost, ensure that your chosen sportsbook has in-play betting options. In-play or live betting is an important option for many Indian bettors, given the vast range of options it opens up. After all, in-play betting is not only an exciting concept but can also provide options that would otherwise be locked off. Placing bets as the action unfolds opens up a world of wagering possibilities that Future bets simply cannot offer.

You’ve probably already taken it into account, but promotional offers are always worth a second mention and is one of the most common online Cricket betting tips. The best sportsbooks have outstanding packages for newcomers, offering them the chance to get a feel for the site without having to risk their own money. Plus, of course, there should also be weekly or even daily deals and free bets.

Another factor that is obvious but needs to be mentioned again, is that the best Cricket betting sites provide a wide range of wagering options on all the major tournaments throughout the entire year. It isn’t much good if a sportsbook doesn’t cover some of the biggest events or doesn’t take into account international games.

Be sure to check that a site has the broadest reach possible, and isn’t ignoring matches that you’re interested in. You can always contact customer support to get a better idea of how a particular site operates.

If your favourite online sportsbook doesn’t have a dedicated section where team stats and other details can be researched, ask yourself why not. Leading sportsbooks will allow fast, easy access to a detailed stats selection, which will allow quick research on all the participating teams. Smart bettors will, after all, want to do a bit of research before putting down money.

Betting Tips

Speaking of smart bettors, here are a few online Cricket betting tips to potentially help you make smarter decisions. Before putting down a wager, consider the following;

Don’t forget to check up on team news. If a star player is taken ill you’ll certainly want to take that into consideration. Have the players perhaps been conflicting, or are they getting along better than ever? Are there any injuries? Has a specific player been performing worse, or better than usual? This information is key, and will certainly go a long way to help choosing a winner when enjoying online Cricket betting.